Tashi Delek!


Photo by Mark Berndt

Welcome! Lama Lobsang Palden is a Tibetan lama (a tulku), a teacher of Yantra Yoga and Buddhist meditation, and a practitioner of holistic energy medicine. He trained at Tashi Kyil and Kaja To Monasteries in the Tibetan region of Amdo. He was initiated as a Ngakpa lama in 2011 at Lhabrang Monastery in eastern Tibet. He has taught Tibetan Buddhist meditation and Yantra Yoga all over the world.

Lama offers private meditation, yoga instruction, and Tibetan healing sessions in Chicago, New York, Connecticut, St. Louis, Kansas City, and elsewhere. If you would like to host a teaching with Lama Lobsang, send us anĀ email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo by Mark Berndt

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