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Vajrasattva Karma Clearing Puja

SATURDAY, December 3rd

SUNDAY, December 4th

11AM – 2PM

*please bring vegetarian dish to share and please refrain from wearing chemical perfumes.

 With the Vajrasattva practice, we can clear past negative thoughts and the darkness energy that leaves us susceptible to sickness and pain. In doing so, we increase positive karma so we can benefit all sentient beings and bring about world peace through kindness, compassion, generosity, an open mind, an open heart, and forgiveness.   

 Please compose two letters to bring with you to this event.  One letter should list the past year’s negativities that you would like to release into the fire.   

The second letter should list the circumstances, qualities, and conditions you would like to welcome in the new year.

Please bring an offering to burn in the fire in order to feed the spirits. Possible offerings include sage, incense, juniper, barley, butter and small treats such as cookies.

Investment $45

Space is limited. Registration required. 

Please RSVP to or call/ text 314-719-9412

Open to all 

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