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Twenty-One Homages to Tara and Fire Puja in celebration of Tibetan New Year 2149

SATURDAY, March 5th 11AM – 2PM

*please bring vegetarian dish to share and an offering to burn in the fire in order to feed the spirits. Possible offerings include sage, juniper, incense, barley, butter and small treats such as cookies.

Lama Lobsang Palden invites you to attend a special Losar Puja (ceremony) traditionally offered at this time of year to lift your spirits, bring you prosperity, instill peace in your heart and enhance your health and longevity.

Twenty-One Homages to Tara is an immensely beneficial practice. Its benefits include prosperity, good health, and positive family relationships.
The Fire Puja is an important New Year’s practice that helps clear away the obstacles of the previous year and blesses the year ahead. We will pray for world peace and for prosperity and healing for all.

Space is limited. Registration required. 

Please RSVP to or call/ text 314-719-9412          

Event is free, love donations are appreciated 

Open to all

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