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Nechung and Mahakala Fire Puja

SATURDAY, April 13TH 11AM – 2PM

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Nechung Oracle of Tibet is a reincarnate Lama who is able to be possessed and deliver prophesy. H.H. The Dalai Lama consults the Nechung Oracle during New Years Festivals and throughout the year when questions arise regarding important decisions.

The Nechung Puja benefits family and community, protecting us from anger and violence. This puja can offer us important messages and visions so that we can move toward improved communication and relationships. Lama Lobsang Palden has conducted early morning Nechung Pujas daily throughout his life.

Mahakala is a wrathful deity and a fierce protector of the Buddha’s teachings.
Mahakala Fire ceremony can remove all kind of obstacles whether it is caused by human or natural disasters. It protects oneself from charm, from attacks by the spirits and from curses by wicked people.
Lama will drum and pray to Mahakala who will reveal and take away the burden that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams. We will pray for world peace and for prosperity and healing for all.

*please bring vegetarian dish to share and an offering to burn in the fire in order to feed the spirits. Possible offerings include sage, juniper, incense, barley, butter and small treats such as cookies. These offerings should be free of plastic. Please also refrain from wearing chemical perfumes.

Open to all
Investment $45
Space is limited. Registration required. Please RSVP to or call/ text 314-719-9412





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