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Last Puja of the season!


According to Tibetan medical and spiritual ideas, the body is composed of four elements. When those elements are out of balance, 400 kinds of sickness can result, expressing themselves as physical or mental symptoms or both. The Medicine Buddha practice is very important for shifting dark energy in these challenging times. The Medicine Buddha sugatas and their mantra strengthen wisdom and the four elements and help to purify karma. Medicine Buddha can transform negative emotions into compassion mind. The Medicine Buddha Practice is also very beneficial when illness is stuck and medicine appears to be of no benefit.
A Dakini Blessing practice transforms negative emotions into positive ones… beauty, joy, peace and love. The Dakini blessing purifies the Medicine Buddha Puja and allows a stronger connection with Medicine Buddha and the practice. One does not need to be Buddhist to attend. The Puja can be of benefit for deepening one’s practice or simply taken as a blessing.
Investment $45
Space is limited. Registration required.
RSVP to or call/text 314-719-9412
Open to all

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