Buddhism’s foundational principles are non-violence and the development of the qualities of loving kindness, altruistic compassion, and wisdom. These basic tenets of Buddhism were taught by its founder Shakyamuni Buddha, who himself was an ordinary mortal who attained enlightenment through rigorous meditation and self-transformation. For Buddhist practitioners, Shakyamuni’s life serves as a paradigm of this spiritual path, that full awakening is accessible to every living being, and enlightenment may be attained anywhere, anytime, as long as it is vigorously pursued.

Lama Lobsang offers private instruction in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation by appointment. He works individually with students in series of six 1-hour classes. A commitment of at least six sessions is required of all students. The fee is $175 per student for each 6-class series, and must be paid in full at or before the time of the 1st session. Appointments are made at the student’s convenience and can be changed at any time. We ask for 24-hour advance notice of all appointment cancellations.

Lama Lobsang’s Karma Counseling Sessions are private 1-1/2-hour appointments in which he offers his visionary insight into one’s spiritual path and karmic destiny, along with a personal blessing ceremony. The fee is $140 for each session at our Chicago location. Please note that fees for all services vary according to location.

Lama also offers pujas, blessing ceremonies, and meditation classes via Skype or FaceTime. In addition, he periodically offers public pujas, workshops and retreats. Lama Lobsang performs traditional Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies such as house blessings, weddings, baby blessings, treasure vase ceremonies, etc. Please email us for appointments and further information about these and other offerings, and check the News & Events page, follow Lama Lobsang on Facebook and Twitter, Join our email list for updates on classes, workshops, and retreats.

“After nearly ten years of meditation books, workshops, and other teachers, Lama Lobsang’s teachings and practices have been the first I have been able to consistently apply to my daily life. And I am a happier and more balanced person because of it. Lama Lobsang is kind, funny, and highly intuitive. When I have questions, he talks. When my body is tight, we stretch. When I feel ready for more, he reveals more of his wisdom and tradition. I am grateful for our time together. And the meditation practices I have learned with Lama Lobsang I will joyfully apply for the rest of my life.”
— Joshua M, Chicago, Illinois

“The mark of a master, in my experience, is his or her ability to embody genuine compassion in simple and practical ways. An attitude of helpfulness mixed with a clear understanding of right action and a fearless offering of true kindness to everyone they encounter. For me, Lama Lobsang is just that. He is an inspiring example of what any one of us can attain by diligently training in the correct way. He is skillful, unpretentious and effective, and I am very grateful to have him as one of my closest teachers.”
— Darlene C, St. Louis, Missouri

Cancellation Policy

We know that your time is valuable, so Lama Lobsang is always ready for you at your appointment time. Please arrive on time for your session. To honor all our guests and our time we do require a minimum of 24-hour notice of cancellation if you cannot make your appointment. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice will be charged 50% of the service price which will be due on or before your next scheduled appointment.

If you do not call to cancel your appointment and do not show up for your scheduled session, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service and future service will be denied until payment is made.

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